Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Haunting the Pages: A Visit with Anthony Crowley

Today on the blog I would like to extend a warm welcome to Anthony Crowley! 

When I initially thought of the idea of “Tombstones” I wanted to gather a series of my poetic visions and showcase them within a sacred anthology. But, feature the written verses in a journey to express various forms of Horror, such as, Dreams, blood drenched erotica, vampires, monstrous creatures and the macabre. “Tombstones” opens with “Awakening” this poetic verse is in the subject of apocalyptic weather. There were many writings I could have used to introduce this collection, but thought to myself it shall work very well and hypnotise the reader to be inquisitive and want to know more about what is within the pages and the title is well suited because I like to think of myself as a dark minded connoisseur of the imagination. Since its release back in early 2014 I was surprised of how positive the reception was towards “Tombstones”. It is still a growing favourite amongst Authors, Poets and readers alike. During the first week of its release it immediately entered the top of the ‘horror anthology’ book charts at Amazon in four consecutive countries, including America, UK, Canada, India, followed by Japan, Australia, Germany. The reviews and comments since the birth of “Tombstones” have been overwhelming with responses; such as “This is amazing work” a response made by popular dark fiction Author   John F.D.Taff whom recently had a short story anthology published titled “End of All Beginnings”.  

 When I began writing “Tombstones” the entirety of the writing from beginning to end was a very dark and secluded time in my life. There is much realism and emotional expression which coincides with some of the dark verses I did chose to include in the book. I wanted to finally open the door of torment and let loose the darkness into the wild so to speak. I have always been visual and extremely expressive in how I approach everything I do. Recently I received another review for “Tombstones” and it came from yet another Author Emily Hill. She very much enjoyed the collection and spoke of one of the verses titled “The Bleeding Man” this what she had to say:

 Poe, Highsmith, and Hitchcock could do no better that what Anthony Crowley has achieved in his collection of horror-themed poetry entitled, "Tombstones".
The acrid breath of predators generating their powers from The Beyond gather on the pages of "Tombstones" waiting for victims, calibrating frailties, and swooping down in screeching tempests -- to the delight of Crowley's fans.

I expect great things from this author! What?? What's that you ask? Oh! My Favorites among this collection? Oh, such a Child's Play -- Firstly, The Fallen Angel with its reference to victorious queens of darkness, followed by "The Devil and The Maiden" (Rosemary's Baby, be damned!) and please, dear reader don't overlook, "The Bleeding Man" which I'm sure that Leonard Cohen would warble quite fittingly.

“A dance with death
Witness of confinement
Mortuary existence
Operational experiment”
Throughout our historical timeline on earth, each and every day has a recollection of horror, whether it is illness (fear) or death.  I wanted to be strong and visual with these poetic subjects. “The Bleeding Man” was my way of imagining I was the character of a dying man upon the mortuary slab. I had to get inside the imagination and express with short descriptive words to tell a poetic story.

“Explosive veins
Skin like thunder
Transfusion shadowed
Blood I am under”

I am extremely proud with the continued success of “Tombstones” it will always be an important part of my literary career.

The month of October will always be another important part of my life because it was during October 21st 2013 that I published “The Fallen Angel” within the pages of popular horror publication “Sanitarium” Magazine. To mark the anniversary of this popular verse I decided to write a conclusion which is titled “Wings of Babylon” which is featured in the forthcoming “Haunted after Dark” magazine issue eight in my regular feature “Crowley’s Crypt”.

That was another proud moment in my writing career when I was asked to be part of “Haunted after Dark” along with the occasional feature in “Haunted Digital” magazines. It is another stepping stone in my life. “Haunted after Dark” is the UK’s leading horror publication featuring some of the most in depth and dark infused articles, interviews and literature. My first instalment of “Crowley’s Crypt” was born in Issue six which was a huge success amongst readers and horror fans. It is another extension of my mind and my disturbed universe. When Issue seven was released it featured an introduction to a new serial killer the dark fiction tale titled “Symphony of Blood”. The story is featured within a few parts which will gradually unfold and reveal nightmares and excite readers throughout the journey in forthcoming issues.

The present time I have been multi-tasking with projects as I regularly do. I had to revise a book I also released near the same time as “Tombstones” due to a few faulty issues which at the time was out of my control. “The Black Diaries” is a series of volumes I shall publish which is an anthology of both fiction and dark verse. “The Black Diaries-Volume One (new edition)” is edited by the talented Simon Marshall-Jones of Spectral Press. The first iinstallmentof “The Black Diaries” is not a big collection, but a strong and visual introduction of the darkness and macabre within. “The Black Diaries-Volume One” is due for release around the season of Halloween this year which is already proving popular before the release date. I have been working on two more short horror fiction tales, the psychological dark tale “Catch Me When I Fall” and  disturbing zombie themed story of “Infestation”. The latter is to be published with ‘Rated Z’.  My long-awaited novella “The Mirrored Room” is also set for release sometime this year hopefully, currently waiting for a confirmed publisher date. “Doomsday after Midnight” is another project I have been compiling featuring ten fiction tales, and it is also nominated in the ‘AuthorsdB’ book awards 2014. The cover artwork is featured with a dark photographic image captured by the fabulous Lauren Carroll (Production Assistant and wardrobe girl of hard rock band Whitesnake, Photographer) . More of Lauren’s Indispensable imagery can be found at whitesnake.com and her Official website at www.dcsocalphotography.com

During 2015 I am launching a new dark literary publication “Dark Realms” it as another one of my many visions I have had for a while now and thought to myself I could make this vision work. It shall include some of the big names in dark fiction and horror, along with interviews, reviews and visual art/imagery. It is already being accepted by many readers and Authors alike prior the launch. I am excited and 100% focused where my creations and ideas in literary horror are going. The only way is forward upon the tracks of the “sinister train”.

          Thanks for being on the blog today. It's nice to have a fellow Massacre Magazine author visiting and I can't wait to read more of your work!

Happy hauntings!                                                          

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