Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween With Juan Pablo Mazzola from Baby Scream

My job as a music reviewer is the coolest ever. Many thanks to Keith at for the chance to meet so many wonderful musicians and write about their work. On one of my assignments, I got to talking with Juan Pablo Mazzola of Baby Scream and we have been messaging each other ever since. 

Please check out the links to both write ups. We even got review of the week! Here are the links:

The subject recently came up about Halloween and I asked Juan about a couple of his creepier songs, especially "The Ghost of Valerie." He had a tale to share and a picture to go with it. 

Ok, so first of all, I adore Halloween…..I collect movies and most of them are b-movies, I love that spooky vibe….I do believe in ghosts and spirits, I try to connect with the right ones, there are a lot of trashy spirits out there, if you know what I mean..….As much as I love Halloween and b-movies, I love the U.S. and its culture…I spent Halloween in 2007 in Hollywood, we ended up at some weird concert with 80´s rock stars (f***in´ Chris Holmes from W.A.S.P. was there)

The atmosphere was insane, I don´t know what kind of drug they were doing there that night but I remember a naked (literally naked) woman  in the middle of the dance floor…To my surprise, the late Jani Lane was there, I am a huge Jani Lane fan, I got to meet him and we talked about music for a little while…a few year later, around late 2009 – early 2010…I wrote a small piece of music called “The Ghosts Of Valerie”…I recorded it in L.A. with Muddy Stardust producing it, at the time he was playing in a band with Eric Dover (Jellyfish, Sextus, Alice Cooper)…Muddy asked Eric to sing in the song, he ended up singing and playing lead guitar…but what does this have to do with Halloween?....well, I wrote the song inspired by some really spooky f****d up people from my past, now, the weird thing is that everytime I was playing or rehearsing this song, some of these lunatics would appear with dark vibes, I ended up actually not listening to the song as I believe it haunts me in a bad way…

The Ghosts Of Valerie (FT Eric Dover) by babyscream

Click the above link to check out this extremely awesome song.  I loved it. Creepy and it kind of gets in your head. Head over to Reverbnation and become a fan and over to their Facebook Fan Page and "like" them for future updates. 

This is an awesome group with thought provoking lyrics that really rock it. Make sure you check out the reviews and pop over to their websites.

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