Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Fanciful Twist Halloween Party at Zombie Girl Shambling Featuring Etsy Artists!

Bats dance and zombies quiver...
Etsy artists play here and thither...

Bronlyn Parapet, Bat Wrangler

Halloween is here!

Zara - Zombie Art Doll

Lucy the Zombie Girl - Altered Image - 8 X 10 Art Print

And now...
The Monster Mash!

Voodoo PRINT

Moribund Manor - Haunted House

Zombie Contessa - Altered Image - 8 X 10 Art Print

Halloween Table Luminaries -- Zombie Brunch -- Set of 3

Gothic Mansion

And now the night
is almost done...
Don't forget the giveaways
and have some fun!


  1. what a magical post!!!happy halloween!!!

  2. Great and spooky artwork! :)

    Happy Halloween,

  3. Your zombies are adorable! I might have to ask Zara-Zombie to give me a visit; she just just too cute!

    Happy Fanciful All Hallow's Eve!

  4. Your altered artwork is amazing!! I am just learning more about mixed media/altered art journaling and I am so impressed by your vision and creations.

    Have a fantastically freaky Halloween season!

  5. The little girl was a little creepy...not going to lie! Haha! Happy blog party!!

  6. Never seen this video before...very zombie-riffic :P

    Thanks so much for having me!

  7. fab party :)
    why not hop over for a spooky tale at my place :
    the more the merrier :)

  8. I love all of this artwork! You have excellent taste, thanks for the invite! Awesome party!

  9. Ghoulish party - I love it! Hope you can stop by my enchanted oven for party sweets.


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