Friday, October 28, 2011

Aaron Stoquert: Remaining Days

1.The Guests 01:24
2.Flesh and Bone 03:02
3.Last Day 03:03
4.Memory In You 01:01
5.Dog Days 02:23
6.A Lock for You 02:54
7.Again and Again 00:44
8.Plead No More 03:23
9.Prisoner 03:24
10.The Front Lines 03:51
11.Fields at Day Break 09:25

Aaron Stoquert is the New York city folk artist that has been taking the world by storm.  He sings about zombies and what they might be experiencing in their post human state.  And what music he makes. Zombies roam the post-apocalyptic earth but not to the death metal sounds you might expect. Stoquert first hit the scene with his five track debut  Run For Your Life in January 2011. Now with his follow up and first full length album just released in October 2011, Remaining Days carries on where Run For Your Life left off.

"Soft Skin"
Filmed by 4 Dead Guyz
Run For Your Life

Stoquert takes your average zombie and gives him a heart. With a folksy sound and theatrical “aged” audio, the experience of being one of the undead in the zombie horde is awakened and given a fresh breath of life. No death metal here. Just piano music, a light buzzing of an aged radio to give it substance, guitar and a whole lot of pensive vocals that blend together to create a theatre of the damned.

“The Guests” is the first track on Remaining Days. The sound of an old record plays as the track ramps up, paired with steady droning piano music that could easily be a funeral dirge. The end of days is here, and set to music. It bleeds right into “Flesh and Bone” and now our favorite zombie begins to sing. “Were coming for you. Say Goodbye…” The horde is coming. Coming for you. As long as Stoquert is singing, I might not mind being a zombie so much. His blend of folksy rock is addictive and if you like Zombieland or The Walking Dead, you have to get this album.

“Last Day” is another track that holds my interest. A steady beat of drums, light guitar in the background and a major focus on Stoquert’s vocals make the song pop.  Lyrics about putting blood and guts under the moonlight make a living heart shudder and want to run the other way, but Stoquert’s  unique pairing of zombified vocals and acoustic guitar compel you to listen.

This album reminds me of the book Warm Bodies set to be an upcoming movie. The zombie is sentient and feels. Another book that this fits well with would be Jonathan Maberry’s Dead of Night just released on October 26th.

Rating: 5/5

If you are a fan of zombie books, movies and trivia, you owe it to yourself to visit Aaron Stoquert at his Bandcamp site and download Remaining Days. Check out the sound clips. You won’t be disappointed.

Recorded at Time To Operate Studios, part of Time To Operate Records, Brooklyn NY
August - October 2011

Mixed by Ryan Dugan
Audio Engineer / Technician Eamonn McKiernan

All music and lyrics written by Aaron Stoquert

Performances by:
Aaron Stoquert - Guitar, Vocals, Piano
Krista Masino - Vocals
Max Campanie - Percussion, Drums
Cody Campanie - Bass
Jim Heffernan - Cello


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