Friday, October 21, 2011

Etsy Artist Finds: Beat Up Creations and Zombie Note Card Giveaway!

Using unloved and orphaned plates and transforming them into new modern art with a kick!

Zombie Contessa - Altered Image - 8 X 10 Art Print


Lucy the Zombie Girl - Altered Image - 8 X 10 Art Print


Lilith the Vampire Girl Portrait - Altered Vintage Plate


Using recycled, abused, broken and tossed aside items, Angela from Beat Up Creations makes sculptures, altered plates, fantasy terrariums and amazing fine art prints.

Angela loves simplicity, small things, dirty art and banjo music. Born  in Los Angeles, her family is full of artists and craftsmen. She claims she is not, but after looking at some of her altered art, I disagree. Her work with abandoned objects breaths new life into recycled items and a bit of horror to an otherwise uneventful antique photo.

Find her at her blog:

Now for the amazing giveaway!

Zombie Note Cards!

Zombie Series - Art Notecard Set, Pack of 6

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