Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Featured Blogger and Etsy Artist: Little Gothic Horrors

Little Gothic Horrors is the doubly amazing Etsy site and blog that caters to the dark side in all of us. When I landed on the site, I have a giant "squee" and greedily soaked up all the darkly amazing articles and graphics. 

To quote:

"Hi. My name is Emma and I've always been smitten with the supernatural and the spooky. I have created this blog to be a dwelling place for all things delightfully dark. My family, my cat and my friends are the centre of my universe, and a night spent at home with a DVD and a Chinese take-away is my idea of a party. An actual party, oddly enough, is not my idea of a party."

Well said Emma! I completely agree. Here is to making lots of new friends across the miles this Halloween! You are one of my favorite new bloggers and artists. 

Yvette - Victorian Gothic Ghost Art Doll

Zara - Zombie Art Doll

Hannah - Victorian Gothic Ghost Art Doll

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  1. Thank you so much for your lovely comments about my blog and dolls, Dana! I'm off to post a link to your blog on Twitter and FB!


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