Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Good evening zombie horde. Today, while I was playing on the internet, I found a very awesome zombie site that you just have to visit.

Zombiesdrule. Quite simply, it rocks. They are on Facebook, Twitter and have their own web page. Complete with a shop for all kinds of toys, shirts and other very strange and cool things. They also rate and review the latest zombie games and apps. I now am sporting two new apps on my Ipad thanks to these awesome guys!

Check them out at: and sign up for their newsletter. Getting the newsletter qualifies you to enter their birthday giveaway. The prizes include a knitted zombie hat, shirt, mug and more, so pop over to their site and check it out.

This is the extra cool app I saw on this site. Many more games and apps are reviewed, including Plants vs. Zombies and a cool zombie fish app too.

So, pop over to this site and like them on Facebook. They review books and movies too and are one of my favorite new sites to play on.

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