Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Zombie Research Society

Good afternoon zombie horde. I have a new and fun place for you to learn everything you can about the up and coming zombie appocalypse. The Zombie Research Society. Matt Mogk, founder and head researcher has a new zombie book coming out May 1st. Just in time for Zombie Awareness month.

This very cool book is a cautionary first look at just how people may change during the upcoming apocolypse.

Simply put, it rocked.

Check out the website, facebook page and all the cool things at the store. Membership is available for interested parties.

Now, you may be wondering why a zombie chick such as myself would be actually telling you about the ZRS. See, I have this theory. Be prepared. If the zombie apocalypse happens and no humans are left, who will write the books I review? Who will make my favorite cupcakes? (Red velvet of course) Your typical zombie? Not likely. We here at the horde, we are educated zombies, much like our friend Peter in Zombie, Ohio. (upcoming article)  If all the people are gone, life won't be much fun. I live for the mailman coming to my house with new stacks of books. For going to the library. For going to work at the bookstore, despite the tempation to chomp on snarky customers. But I don't. Chomp that is.

So, check out the awesome articles, cool shirts (okay-I totally want one!) and the impressive staff. What I wouldn't give for those guys to talk with us on the blog. Sigh.

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