Monday, March 21, 2011

Zombies for Zombies

So, you've been bitten by a zombie?Bummer.But there's no need to panic! Yes, your life will be undergoing a major transformation, but this doesn't have to be the end-all it once was when the Disaster first hit. There have been significant breakthroughs in the last decade in helping you keep significant parts of your wit and dignity. Together we can limit the damage.Zombies for Zombies is a motivational guide designed specifically to make a profound difference in your accidental, strange new life. You say you don't want to become another one of those ghastly creatures you see on the news out in the Tempe Containment Zone? You don't have to-if you follow the great advice inside, including:How to dress for your new lifestyle Handy recipes for brainsFitness ideas for keeping you somewhat energeticNew skin-care techniques to help ward off "rotting flesh syndrome"How to overcome that darned zombie social stigmaDance steps for the motor-impairedCompletely Revised and Updated Since the Containment Zone Disaster!"Face it, being bitten by a zombie is inevitable. Thanks to this indispensable book, we can finally stop making survival plans and start making the most of our new lives as zombies. Even for the uninfected, Zombies For Zombies is a scream."-Daniel H. Wilson, author of How to Survive a Robot Uprising. (Goodreads)

Now, in case you didn't get all that, we bring you...

Thoughts and musings...

I thought these two books were great. Thank you to Sourcebooks for sending them to me in exchange for a review.

What I liked:

I enjoyed the humor. These two books take the Dummies series and turn it into a newly minted zombie survival manual. The charts where you try to control the urge to eat people you encounter in your day to day life were my favorite. Very clever.

The book and the workbook can be used with or without each other, but I found them to work great together. The workbook has tons of games to keep you busy. Yes. Tons. It may look thin, but the amount of different activities actually boggled my mind for more than a few minutes. Real thought was put into these books. They are really worth the time to read and enjoy if you like zombie books. (And of course you do. You're here aren't you?)

What I didn't:

Not a thing. They were great.

Overall impression:

The main book is a zombiefied Dummies book for the newly undead. It covers every possible scenario and is witty, snarky and incredibly funny even as you are learning how to co-exist with Girl Scouts and do the latest dance moves.

The workbook is just packed with all kinds of different games and activities. It challenges your mind, and keeps you wanting more.

5 out of 5 stars for both the workbook and main book. Great job David Murphy for making me strain my brain. It hurts now! (Double thumbs up.)

From the author of Zombies for Zombies, a fun and hilarious new entry to the hottest topic on the humor shelf
Zombies for Zombies-The Play and Werk Buk gives you poor recently-turned zombie, a treasure trove of new ways to maximize your QScale and minimize your capacity to groan.
This fully illustrated guide is packed with games, puzzles, stories, quizzes and other fun ways to embrace and improve your new zombie life.
• The New Adventures of "Doofus and Diligent"
• Zombie Werd Surch!
• The cartoon antics of "The Dead Bear Family"
• Scarlet Storiez-True stories of zombie adventures (with morals!)

With Zombies for Zombies-The Play and Werk Buk, you'll never end up being a member of the long as you can protect your newly expanded brains! (Goodreads)


  1. Really sounds like fun. Love your zombie tweets on Twitter too. Whoo hoo. {Exciting.}

  2. Great review! I love zombie humor.


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