Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Damn You Autocorrect!

Sh#@ Your Phone Says
"Damn You, Autocorrect!"
If you own an iPhone, BlackBerry, Droid, or any smartphone, there's a good chance you've screamed that phrase out at least once. In Damn You, Autocorrect! Pop-culture blogger Jillian Madison shows you are not alone.
Filled with submissions from readers of her popular website, this laugh-out-loud funny book features cringe-worthy exchanges with parents, friends, significant others, and co-workers that contain some of the most unintentionally hilarious—and mortifying—mistakes ever caused by Autocorrect. Inside, you'll find a husband who tells his wife that he just "laid" (paid) the babysitter, a dad who tells his daughter that he and her mom are going to "divorce" (Disney), and many more epic texting fails too raunchy to list here.
Whether you love technology, texting humor, or taking just a little bit of pleasure in the misfortune of others, Damn You, Autocorrect! will leave you laughing until you cry, and thankful that nothing this embarrassing has happened to you. Yet.
Jillian Madison is the founder of the Pophangover network, a collection of twelve snarky pop-culture blogs. The sites are visited by tens of millions of people every month, and her content is frequently retweeted by celebrities and referenced by media giants like Huffington Post, Gawker, and Funny or Die. She lives in coastal Connecticut. (Goodreads)

Okay, before you even say it. There are no zombies in this article. Nope. Not one. Why did I blog about this, zombie horde? Because it is so funny, you will have to be careful not to laugh so hard that body parts will start falling off. Not kidding.

True story:

I received this book from the publisher for a review and almost had bladder control issues as I was reading it. Laugh out loud, shrieking behind my hand laughter. Yep. Ha! I thought. I will put this on the bathroom bookshelf and see if my husband likes it. One day, behind the closed door, I heard the screams of laughter I was waiting for. He emerged and was holding the book, tears streaming out of his eyes. "Oh my Gawd!" He shook his head.  "That was hilarious!" He promptly stole my book and went upstairs to his man cave. I heard more laughter and shrieking wafting down the stairs. Mission accomplished. Book=Awesome.

So, if you haven't grabbed yourself a copy, do. You will just love the cellphone misadventures. I just had another one the other day and had to snicker to myself that it would have been the perfect candidate for this book.

Mystery question of the day: Why are cell phones even programmed with some of the words that accidentally pop out? I mean really. It can be mortifying. Thoughts?

If you want to see more amazing autocorrect horrors:


  1. I love that site! I'm going to find this book ASAP. My husband and I crack up at what our iPhone autocorrect comes up with lol

  2. Thankfully I've managed to notice everytime my iPod Touch does that! XD


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