Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Welcome to my blog.

Zombie poodles are the devil. He looked so cute when he came up and started nuzzling my leg. Even cuter when he licked my hand when I reached down to pet him. Damned if he didn't bite the crap out of me and start chomping.

Let's just say I haven't been the same since. Most people think that zombies walk around all the time screaming about brains and moaning. I only do that at dinner time. The rest of the time when I am not at work contemplating munching down on some unsuspecting customer who just gave me a hard time, I am blogging about books. I look normal. Act normal. So far nothing is falling off, but I moisturize like crazy.

So if you want to hang out with me while I review all the cool zombie stuff I find, great. Promise I won't try to take a bite.

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