Friday, October 5, 2012

Le Mysterieux Carnival Featuring The Stapelia Co.

Le Mysterieux Carnival Blog Party

Greetings one and all to the dark carnival event of the season! Tour with me through the haunted alleyways and into dark shadowed tents to see what tempting delights await!

Chicago Coin Carnival Mix and Match Photo Art Print

Meet the ringmaster as you enter the big top...smell the wafting scent of onion rings and popcorn. The sugary scent of cotton candy and the smell of circus animals housed not too far away...

Macabit Sideshow Barker Art Photo Print Circus Set

Come one, come all...have your fortune told, see the sights...

Madame Zora Art Photo Print Circus Set

What will my future be?

Hortensia Bearded Lady Art Photo Print Circus Set

Sit with me awhile.

Penelope the Sword Swallower Art Photo Print Circus Set Number 2

Perhaps some sword swallowing...

Ringleader's Elephant Art Photo Print Circus Set

A little red elephant to take home with your perhaps?
What would the neighbors say?

Dark Ferris Art Photo Print

Watch your step on the ferris wheel...

Dahlia the Albino Art Photo Print Circus Set

A lovely attraction...

Leonidas The Dog Faced Man Art Photo Print Circus Set

Prince Charming

Onion Rings Art Photo Prints

A snack perhaps?

Algonquin Clown Art Photo Print Circus Set

On break...

Lorelai and Adelaide Conjoined Twins Art Photo Print Circus Set

Some lovely new friends.

Penelope the Sword Swallower Art Photo Print Circus Set

One last trick and the show is done. I hope you enjoyed your trip to the dark circus and the intrepid art from The Stapelia Co. Stop by their Etsy shop to see even more. 

Want the chance to win a book of monsters? 
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  1. That was scary!!! Come check my post!

  2. Hi Dana,

    Nice to meet you! I had an absolutely wonderful time visiting you. I am always amazed at how anyone can put a sword all the way down their throat like that.
    Hope you can come over for a visit. Thanks so much,
    Janet's Creative Pillows

  3. A scary carnival indeed!


    Victoria from Brushstrokes

  4. Such lovely company to keep on a weekend :)

  5. Those are some very long swords... but they must taste very good, everybody is eating them ;-)

  6. I am still getting into Zombie culture.
    I have read but a few, and can not claim a favorite yet.
    The last one I picked up was
    Mad About Undead You

  7. Great photos and such a wonderful carnival.

  8. all a bit gloriously spooky- love it, Debi x

  9. Oh I just LOVED your Sideshow Performances! Those are always some of my Favs at the Carnival!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  10. Awesome photography ........ Sideshow was amazing :)
    I am a follower of your blog now :)

  11. Wow....creeptastic post! The photos are amazing. Here is another silver ticket....I want to go back through Le Mysterieux Carnival!

    Ricki Jill

  12. Wow these are great photos Dana! Creepy and very cool. Love them. Thank you for sharing these and the monster book giveaway too :)


  13. This is truly a creepy carnival! I'm amazed at the photography and art work, it's lovely. Thank you for the spooky time and the chance to win the book!

  14. BwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHaaaaaaaaaaaa this was a blast. Oh deliciously scary this event was. Thanks for the wonderful thrill. Come drop by my offering if you wish:

    Norma, x

  15. Happy Halloween! I cant really say if i have a favorite zombie book. None comes to mind. Im more of a romance reader. But i love carnivals and Halloween! And scary movies.. lol Thank you! Happy Halloween!

  16. Very cool, love these photos!
    Thank you for sharing these:)
    That book looks great!
    Happy Halloween

  17. The pictures were absolutely awesome.
    I am running a little late for my party but I would love for you to visit.

    Wishes and Whimsy
    Wendy from Wonderland


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