Monday, December 5, 2011

Rubbish-Tees Zombie Delights

If you like your felted cuteness with a little more gore, than try this unique and horribly adorable Etsy artist. Warms my heart to see a cuteriffic little zombie guy on a bag. Want!!!

☆:*¨¨*:★ Hello!! My name is Ashley- I also answer to Mo. I am into dinosaur archeology, prehistoric fauna, and anything ancient Egypt. I LOVE my hometown, I have two awesome kids- Gracie and Evan. My favorite bands are Silverchair, Sparta, Fear Before, Ours, and John Frusciante. I love red. I think people are great and I smile at everyone.
I am also extremely addicted to perfume oils!! 

Edward Cullen Tote

Want to win one of these?

Pick your poison!
Pop tart or Cupcake!

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  1. Oh my the bacon and toast hair clips rock. Looks like somebodys stocking will be filled thanks


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