Friday, December 2, 2011

Creepmas: A Zombie's Guide to the Holidays Giveaway

Are you looking for some ghoulish holiday cheer? Look no further than this little jewel of zombiedom. The holidays may never be the same again...

Select the perfect gift for your zombie loved one...

Don't lose your head!

A foolproof plan to keep 
that holiday stress at a minimum...

And be ready to run if it gets to be 
too much for your zombie...

Want to win a copy?
Fill out the form below...


  1. I think I need to look into this book it looks fun!

  2. This is too sweet. We all need a bit of creepy during the holidays ;-)

  3. Ha! I particularly liked the advice about not losing one's head, or being caught with a foot in one's mouth. Sage zombie wisdom! Haha.

  4. Thanks very much. Like I said before, a bit of creepy fun will bring a smile or three to my holiday. I'll email you my info in a bit.


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