Monday, February 28, 2011

Zombie Mini from Roka Cola

Greetings zombie horde! Today I bring to you the most wonderful thing on the web I have seen lately. The company that makes this little guy above is named Roka Cola. They can be found on Etsy, Facebook, Twitter and their new blog. They are selling the zombie mini for $15.00. Someday maybe my budget will let me indulge, but for now, I at least wanted to pass on the news. They have brain rings too. Sigh. I need to win the lottery, people. Being a broke zombie is just terrible. Not too many places that won't mind you munching on the customers. I do try. You know I do. My no biting policy is still in effect here. I insist. Cause, really. I would have to clean up the blood and housework and I just don't get along. I'd rather be reading.

 Check out these cool peeps over at their website. They are having a cool giveaway, so get there soon.

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