Thursday, February 24, 2011

In my mailbox...

Good evening zombie horde. I hope your week was fruitful and that you found many more exciting and wonderful zombie books to read. Just in case you needed any help, I thought I would share my amazing finds this week.

One I am most excited about is Zombie, Ohio. That one looks like it will be amazing. The Beautiful Dead series as well as Zombies for Zombies and The Undertakers also look amazing. Each of these wonderful books was sent by the publisher for me to review.

So, check out your local bookstore for these wonderful reads. I will share my reviews as I make my way down the pile. Where is that microwave popcorn? Hmm....

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  1. What an incredible mailbox full of goodies! Love the sound of Zombie, Ohio and Zombies for Zombies! And I'm curious to hear what you think about First Grave on the Right. Enjoy!

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