Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday Reading Challenge update.

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Hello again zombie horde. I have found the perfect holiday book for your ghoulish celebrations. All of your favorite Christmas carols altered a bit for some holiday zombie fun.

Favorite songs:

Deck the Halls with Parts of Wally
Snacking Around the Christmas Tree
Good King Wenceslas Tastes Great
The Zombie Christmas Song
Rudolph the Zombie Reindeer

Oh my gosh, there are so many. I hocked my coffee money for this one, kiddies. A total wonder of holiday joy and merriment.

A quote from We Three Spleens: (sung to the tune of We Three Kings")

"We three spleens, you know where we are:
Two in the kitchen and one in the car.
We are still eating, people are fleeing.
Let's eat the one in the car.

O-oooh, spleens of wonder, they taste right.
We could eat spleens all day and night.
We're still eating, people screaming.
Let's eat until first light."

This book by Michael P. Spradlin is a classic holiday romp through zombiedom. My hero, Christopher Moore provides the introduction. Illustrations are by Jeff Weigel.

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