Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Holiday Horror: A Visit with Nicholas Lilly

1. How did you start writing horror?
I have been obsessed with horror ever since i was little, the first movie i ever saw in theaters was Chucky. I used to draw picture stories of Jason vs Freddy vs Chucky vs Mike Myers so as soon as i was able to write that seemed the next step to me.

2. Tell us about your story in Holiday Horror. What holiday did you pick and why?
My story is about a guy introducing his new girlfriend to the family for the first time, I already had this story written so i just handed it over.

3. Name three things on your desk.
I actually don't like to use a desk but three things i would have by my side would be my phone, my Kindle, and my Spiderman water bottle.

4. If I were your favorite cookie, what would I be?
Sugar cookie

5. What authors have inspired your writing?
The biggest inspiration to me was an author that i read early on Darren shan

6. Plotter or pantster?
More than likely i would have to say a Plotter

7. Favorite horror movie?
Friday the 13th, The old ones. Cheesiest most horrible movies i have ever seen but still hands down my favorite.

8. What is one thing you would tell an aspiring horror writer?
Deadlines are the best fuel to light a fire under your ass. 

9. What kinds of characters are you drawn to write about?
I tend to write more about under dogs who have to overcome more than anyone should ever have to.

10. Tell us what you are working on now.
I am always working on multiple things at once but the two top would be an untitled vampire book and a book of 13 scary stories titled "Where we go to die" i am hoping to have it out by the end on January.

Short excerpt:

“We came here on the other side of the street; these are not our foot prints.” “So what?” Eric chuckles maybe someone came by and we missed them it’s not a private street. “Look closer.’ she whispers. Eric kneels down to get a better look in the dim light of the star and sees a small dark puddle in one of the foot prints. “What is that?” He asks aloud. Starting to panic Amanda takes a deep breath and says in her lowest voice “Its blood and the tracks stop and lead into the ally.” Slowly the both raise their eyes from the blood flied foot print and look straight into the pitch black alley.

My name is Nicholas Lilly  and i want to be Having fun and living life one couch cushion at a time Life is simple and you should treat it like that. I am a very calm person and like to surround myself with the same, I like kids but I do not have any of my own. I am a lot like a kid that could be why I get along with them so well. I spend most of my time reading, writing, and going to see movies. I wouldn't call myself an average guy but I make do with what I've got. 


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