Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Stylish Blogger Award

Hello zombie horde. It seems we have been given a very awesome award by BookGirl at My Book Addiction. Thanks for thinking of us in all of our zombie splendor!

The rules:
I have to list 7 things about myself and pass the love onto 15 other blogs. Ok. Very cool. I tend to look at a lot of books, food (cupcakes, people!) and some handwork. Have to keep me busy. An active mind is a good thing. When it starts to go, then we have bad things happen. Like screaming "brainssssss" and chomping on the nearest mailman or something.

Ok. Here are my seven things...
1. I still like poodles. Even that fuzzy monstrosity that bit me.
2. Moisturizer is my friend. Honestly, did you think a zombie girl can look this good on her own?
3. The Zombie Abstainer's Handbook should be mandatory for all thinking zombies. Yes, we sing carols about dismemberment, but it just gets so messy. Have some pride. Go buy hamburger.
4. Zombies vs. Unicorns has to be one of my favorite books ever.
5. The Walking Dead is the best television series on the planet. No question.
6. Plants vs. Zombies is my favorite IPad game.
7. Zombie movies....Ok. Fido is the one I would pick as my favorite. I'm not into the whole control collar thing, but the whole 50's zombie nation thing rocked. for some awesome blogs. They are all over the place, peeps. Not many are even zombified, Try not to fall off your couches. I read real stuff too.

1. The Book Keeper
2. vvb32reads
3. E's blog
4.Darlyn and Books
5.Alexia's Books and Such
6.A Novel Challenge
7.The Lady Bug Reads
8.Bewitched Bookworms
10.Zombies Don't Blog
11. Bookish Escape
12. Planet June
14. Dog-Earred and Bookmarked
15.Books Like Fairytales

I hope you like the blogs listed above. They have been fun to visit. For those of you who are listed as my choice of winner, congrats. You are inspiring. Thanks to my zombie horde and awesome followers too. Without you the zombiesphere would be lonely.




  1. Thank you Dana! I loved Zombies vs. Unicorns too, but I'm Team Unicorn. Do I still get to keep the award? ;)

  2. Thank you so much! I'm honored! I never though I would win an award. :)

  3. Hi Dana,

    I just read your blog and got the answer to my question. Thanks

  4. Yipers, I am SO honored!! Thanks a ton!!

  5. congrats! and thanks for sending one my way!
    so looking forward to the next batch of Walking Dead!

  6. You are all most welcome. You each inspire me.

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